Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Stevie Wonder canceled concert!!!

It has been confirmed by the local promoter to Hawaii News Now late Friday afternoon, Promoter who confirmed the now-canceled Stevie Wonder concert to said that the University of Hawaii's deposit money has been located, a claim that could not be independently verified.

"I'm confident that the deposit money is in the right place," Peyton said in an email to Hawaii News Now.

He claimed that the money is not in escrow mode and also told that Wonder managers are now demanding full up-front for the concert.

Peyton said that the amount they are demanding now is more than he original amount, which was $730,000 for a fund raising show at UH and a second concert on Maui, plus travel costs.

"I have been told that I must guarantee the full amount within two business days they will play the show," Peyton said in an email. "Of course, this whole thing must be totally transparent to the state's satisfaction."

"The UH will be informed when I get an updated agreement," Peyton added.

"We are unable to comment during the active FBI and third-party investigations," said UH Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple in a written statement in response to an inquiry from Hawaii News Now.

Other UH officials did not return phone calls and emails Friday afternoon or said they could not verify Peyton's claims. 

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