Saturday, 2 April 2011

Stevie Wonder Grammy Award in legal battle

Stevie Wonder a Grammy Award in 1973 presented it to authorities as a prestigious award prizegiving in a coming auction block sale of pop memorial to honor war is behind the center of legal battle.

Grammys Recording Arts and Sciences National Academy of body responsible for sales representatives and with continued against the Siegel lawsuit, fraud, unjust enrichment and false advertising charges included, the variety of Accused.

It is not clear that ownership has lost respect for Wonder, though reports suggest Grammy organizers suspect then how Siegel's bell, a 1,000 items and also The Beatles is between Led Zeppelin memorable feature many received.

New York Post report that Grammy in question is £ 7,500 minimum starting bid listed.

Lady Gaga firm contacted your former manager of the store after buying old equipment to stop them have announced plans to auction, while the FBI in October to determine what was life after the U.S. government ownership Lenin U.S. Resident request for 1976 seized and therefore could not be sold.