Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Stevie Wonder sings for Jerry Brown

Singer song writer Stevue Wonder endorsed Jerry Brown late Tuesday using his record “Send One Your Love” released a video spot on Brown’s

Democratic causes in the past has been supported by Stevie and the endorsement follows one from another major black celebrity earlier this month.

Marvin Kropke, Business Manager of IBEW Local 11 and co-chair of Working Californians said "The Whitman campaign has shown little effort to communicate her candidacy to African Americans"

But some in the black community feel that Brown has also taken their votes for granted. On Oct. 21, Larry Lee, general manager of the Sacramento Observer, a paper oriented towards the local Africa-American community, took aim at both candidates in a piece titled, “Gubernatorial Candidates Ignore State’s Black Communities.”

“While the candidates are spending nearly $200 million on this campaign, there has been little — if any — outreach within the African American community for the very important position of governor,” Lee wrote. “Virtually no advertising buys with African American media; little to no exposure with African American institutions such as Black churches or community based organizations; sparse communication with African American political leaders.”

The piece went on to praise Brown for his record in appointing African-Americans and other minorities in his previous gubernatorial administration and other offices. But it went on to criticize him for taking the black vote for granted.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Mark Ronson ready to stalk Stevie Wonder

Mark Ronson has become something of a stalker in his bid to recruit the ultimate list of artists to collaborate with.

The mercurial producer is riding high at the minute following the success of his new project The Bussiness intl with tunes like The Bike Song and Bang Bang taking over the charts.

Mark is not one to shirk the limelight and has put his neck out in the past working with the likes of Boy George, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen to great acclaim.

Now the platinum blonde, who dyed his hair to represent the amount of record sales he wanted to achieve, has only one target left.

Mark says: “I haven’t got closer to Stevie Wonder. I act like a stalker but I don’t get anywhere. I might have to up my game.”